I’m a painter, and my favorite medium is watercolor.

I am very fortunate to have been able to paint from a very early age, and I’m grateful that I have had many successes and much encouragement along my path.

My favorite subjects are the ones that my clients ask me to paint — I love working with my customers in planning something bold and beautiful. My paintings become a bridge connecting me to my clients and their stories. I would love to paint your story!  

I also love to teach painting. Over the years I taught art classes to all ages. Watercolor is a challenging medium, but people love the dynamics and freedom that come with it. Watercolor offers a clean and portable way to explore your creative side. The challenge for most beginners is allowing enough time to explore how watercolor behaves. 

For more information about commissions and art classes available please contact me via social media or send me an email from the form below.  

Thank you,
Bill Abel

Connect with me via social media or send me an email from the form below.